Stone Processing

The technology of making a piece of rock look like a monument and in its multifarious forms is always an art and at the same time very enchanting to deliver a product from an ancient stone bed. The processing of natural stone starts at the quarry where a section of solid rock is found and blocks are separated from it with as little damage to the stone as possible.

Heavy equipments are used to transport the blocks of stone from the quarry to the processing yard where they are sawed into tiles, slabs. Further sawing of slabs is done to make tailor made sizes used as tiles, table tops and skirting. Moving towards more labyrinth techniques polishing, sandblasting, brushing etc stages of processing are done by highly skilled labours to reach the end product.

 The use of advanced technology is always an area of fascination and one’s imagination to get better and précised results which can be acclaimed on international platform.

More and more sophisticated methods are accounted to reduce the cost and time factor maintaining the accuracy and quality of the product.

 Different textures like polishing and brushing are done with use of grinding bricks to cut the face with successively finer grades of abrasives which are applied to give honed polish finish. The true colour and pattern in this finish is more popular in natural stone.

Further sandblasting can be done on the honed surface which leaves grain marks on the surface by highly compressed sand grit thus giving an antique finish to the stone.

 The art of making a natural stone look like a mirror is driven by a whole process layout where every single machine has its own vital importance to reach the exact specification for the end product. The aim is to give international recognition to the sector where material can be made for high definition construction works.

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